49 Examples Of Employer Brand Storytelling

Your Employer Brand being shared on social media is becoming increasingly important in the world of Recruitment. There are lots of surveys showing crazy high stats for social media job searches, for example, 83% of job seekers use Facebook to look for a new role, with 40% also using Twitter. I am a little sceptical of how these results were arrived at and how applicable they are to the UK jobseeker market. One claim that can easily be evidenced with some basic searches is that very few average companies make any real effort to tell their employer brand story. I know this from my very recent experience of researching this article which took me weeks to find the few organisations who make any attempt to do this. The multi-nationals and uber-cool internet start ups are typically excellent at this and place a high value on providing a real insight into their culture and values. Potential employees can start to get a real feel for what it might be like to work in these organisations. We were interested to pull back the curtain and show examples from organisations who are not start ups, are UK based and have less than 1,000 staff – what we call an “Everyday Organisation”.

Most of the case studies and blog posts you will see around Employer Brand are written about the larger/cooler companies. We think the examples below represent some of the most inspiring stories for the types of organisations who book onto our training events.

Regardless of the size of your organisation you will have an employer brand story to tell. We hope these examples will inspire you to follow these organisations and help you to start to tell your own employer brand story.

6 examples of job updates

#1. https://twitter.com/UCAScareers/status/773111155317415936 UCAS
UCAS have created their ‘The Grass is Greener’ campaign for their recruitment strategy. Using this ‘catch-phrase’ on each job role photo they post online allows them to brand their opportunities.

. https://twitter.com/ImaginationJobs/status/292603717444853760 Imagination
If you’re good with rhyming or if you’re smart with lyrics, then Imagination’s example is great for you. Using famous lyrics from a Christmas song to relate not only to the weather but also to advertise their job openings is simply genius.

#3. https://twitter.com/LifeAtDennis/status/773899261679370240 Dennis Publishing
A theme that Dennis often use on their ‘Life at Dennis’ Twitter page is a simple statement, advertising their company as ‘awesome’. Themes are a good thing to have when advertising job roles, and creating a theme that can be turned into an image is a good way to support your advert.

#4. https://twitter.com/OpenHouseJobs/status/656411197516967936 Open House London Ltd
If you’re proud of your staff, and if you’re advertising for a more senior role, why not show them off? This great example from Open House London is the perfect example. Happy staff, happy life right?

#5. https://twitter.com/LendInvestLife/status/752421294042255360 LendInvest
Taking hold of the ‘showing off your staff’ approach, LendInvest have been doing the same but adding a little extra something to their postings. Using a popular hashtag on Twitter will allow your tweet to be seen by more people, even if it is not directly related to your job role.

#6. https://twitter.com/RA_careers/status/718473052808441858?lang=en-gb Royal Academy of Arts (RA)
If it’s too much for you to create a theme, or it simply doesn’t fit with your company values, then using the ‘short and simple’ approach will suffice enough. Using crafty words such as RA have done in this post will tell people exactly what you are looking for.

IDEA: Every now and then a job post will provide you with the chance to show some personality. Perhaps the above tweet for a wordsmith could have been filled with spelling and grammatical errors to grab the attention of all those prospective candidates.

3 examples of employers talking about their benefits

#7. https://twitter.com/Riverford_jobs/status/420678521963675648 Riverford Organic Farms
Riverford advertise some of the finer things in their employee’s lives. I mean, it’s free food for staff!

#8. https://twitter.com/TPPCareers/status/773865704932147200 The Phoenix Partnership (TPP)
TPP like to advertise their company benefits by posting images on their Twitter page. Images of their staff, in action, whilst travelling for work. So if you provide the opportunity for travel at your company, why not shout about it? It’s a great benefit and people will love to know about it.

#9. https://twitter.com/RedGateCareers/status/766736443926536193 – Redgate
If you provide days out for your team, whether it’s a team building activity or for fun, tell people. Redgate have got this covered and it provides a great opportunity to connect with their candidates who enjoy getting out and about.


4 examples of employers showing their staff’s life outside of the office

#10. https://twitter.com/Riverford_jobs/status/578532321604870144Riverford Organic Farms

#11. https://twitter.com/RA_careers/status/545907911881658368?lang=en-gbRoyal Academy of Arts (RA)

#12. https://twitter.com/lifeatAdestra/status/773169778357919744 Adestra
What we’re talking about here is showcasing staff parties and events out of working hours. Posting images of your staff parties, such as Riverford’s summer party and RA’s Christmas party, is a great way to show how you care for your staff. An alternative way to do this would be to take an action shot like Adestra. It’s quick, it’s simple and can be more inclusive – you’re inviting candidates into the action.

#13. https://twitter.com/JoinArena/status/500228663854772226Arena Group
Most organisations have staff days out. Few organisations take the time to show this type of update.

2 examples of employers showcasing life inside the office

#14. https://twitter.com/lifeatleon/status/765849755771625472 – LEON Restaurants
Why not send a quick picture of your staff in the office/workplace? Not only does it advertise the working environment, it also gives candidates the opportunity to imagine themselves in that environment.

#15. https://twitter.com/firefishnow/status/743430674804244480 – Firefish Software
Firefish’s careers page quite often retweets the main company’s posts, which is fine when it’s relevant. When you have something in the office which can be exciting for staff, such as a large TV screen to watch sport, then post it up. It shows you have a relaxed office environment.

6 examples of celebrating staff achievements

#16. https://twitter.com/onthebeachjobs/status/743442444545572866 – On the Beach

#17. https://www.facebook.com/easywebrecruitment/photos/a.10151198784724777.469810.151640049776/10153179732584777/?type=3&theater – EasyWeb Recruitment
The two above examples from On the Beach and EasyWeb are the perfect ideas on how to celebrate your staff’s success and achievements – celebrate key milestones in their career. One of EasyWeb’s values are ‘Share our success and reward each other’ so we share when one of our employees has been here for a long period of time. It’s also good for internal communications and it shows good retention of staff.

#18. https://twitter.com/LifeAtDennis/status/753943367373889536 – Dennis Publishing
Dennis are back to show us how they care about their staff and how they are supportive and happy when their staff achieve awards. Updating your account with an image from an awards ceremony shows that you make a fuss of your staff’s achievements.

#19. https://twitter.com/ANCareers/status/626859277676883968 – Anthony Nolan
Anthony Nolan have an Employee sports team and often share the success of this team online.

#20. https://twitter.com/firefishnow/status/740841520211845121Firefish Software

#21. https://www.facebook.com/easywebrecruitment/photos/a.10151198784724777.469810.151640049776/10151684228134777/?type=3&theater&__mref=message_bubbleEasyWeb Rec
Firefish are seen here congratulating their colleague and his partner on their recent engagement.

Here at EasyWeb we once celebrated our very own Sean marrying our colleague Lena with the whole tam there to support them (quite literally in Sean’s case).

These kinds of posts go a long way to establishing a fun, friendly and caring employer brand.

4 examples of employers welcoming new hires

#22. https://twitter.com/UCAScareers/status/729650460102111232 – UCAS
UCAS love their new starters. Show off how excited and proud you are with a picture of your latest hires.

#23. https://twitter.com/JobsatCareerjet/status/212553501992157185 Careerjet
If a picture is too difficult to get (or your staff decide they don’t want to be in one) then a simple text-tweet can suffice. Including hashtags will allow the post to be seen further afield.

#24. https://twitter.com/standrewscareer/status/783218615889821696St Andrew’s Nursing
St Andrew’s post is the perfect way to update your followers about new staff, especially if you take in a large number. Grouping them together and uploading an image from an induction is even better if you have some who would rather be hidden from sight.

#25. https://www.facebook.com/notes/life-at-easy-web/meet-philippa-drage-one-of-the-few-latest-additions-to-the-easyweb-team/1412008968816306 – EasyWeb
Here at EasyWeb, a fun and interactive activity we do with our new colleagues is give them a short interview we can post online with a photo. Hearing first hand from an employee what it’s like to work for a company and getting to know people you could potentially work with goes a long way.

2 examples of company announcements

#26. https://twitter.com/OntheBeachUK/status/730348131578204160On the Beach
On the Beach recently turned 12 years old and wanted to shout about it on Twitter. If they’ve been around that long they must be doing something right, right? Although this is great, a way to improve this tweet would be to include how much % they have grown over those years. But bravo for the fun GIF.

If you would like to make your own GIF, try this link.

#27. https://twitter.com/LifeAtDennis/status/769130130769870848 Dennis Publishing
If you have a new social media outlet and want to share it, do what Dennis do and invite people to follow you via your already established channels. Here Dennis are sharing their Instagram page on Twitter, which gives an insight into the type of things they get up to in (and out of) the office.

5 examples of employers shouting about their office location

#28. https://twitter.com/UCAScareers/status/741252634221383680UCAS
UCAS are back and with a great example. They really like to sell the benefits of their Cheltenham location which is essentially the reason behind their “Grass is Greener” theme. It provides them the opportunity to ‘mention’ local events, which gains retweets from them and could promote their company to potential candidates attending these events.

#29. https://twitter.com/UCAScareers/status/664454754068733952 – UCAS
Something great that UCAS do is they share things related to the local community – this example being food. This is the kind of thing that’s important to relocators.

#30. https://twitter.com/TPPCareers/status/745275430446432256TPP
More great updates for relocators – TPP share local news on their page. It’s also great for your internal communications.

#31. https://twitter.com/UCAScareers/status/738664673864777728 UCAS
We know they keep cropping up, but they really know what they’re doing when it comes to shouting about their local area. Again, a great post for relocators, but engaging, mentioning, tagging and tweeting other local companies’ gives you access to all their followers too!

#32. https://twitter.com/UCAScareers/status/727495525851877376UCAS
UCAS doing what they do best and posting about other local events helps them to achieve more coverage on Twitter.

4 examples of employers sharing their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

#33. https://twitter.com/JoinArena/status/487508061289189376 – Arena Group
Arena Group like to update their candidates on what they do for their local community.

#34. https://twitter.com/lifeatAdestra/status/767722653209755649 – Adestra
If you support a local charity or have a ‘charity of the year’ like Adestra, share who they are. If you visit their offices, upload picture of your staff there helping out and making a difference.

#35. https://twitter.com/LifeAtDennis/status/746288030873432064Dennis Publishing
Dennis continuously post about charity days they run in-house for staff. Posting images of the food they bake and the office dressed-up for fundraising events is a good way to show your support for local charities as well as your fun office environment. This one example of Dennis shows their support of the LGBTQ community, which has the additional benefit of advertising equality and diversity in the workplace.

#36. https://twitter.com/LifeAtDennis/status/773823527376019456 – Dennis Publishing
Dennis have also incorporated the popular ‘#ThrowbackThursday’ into their tweets, so they’re reaching more people while also reminding candidates of what they can get involved in if they were to join the team.

2 examples of regular monthly items

#37. https://twitter.com/UCAScareers/status/760737856889491456 – UCAS

#38. https://www.facebook.com/easywebrecruitment/photos/a.10151198784724777.469810.151640049776/10154244503209777/?type=3&theater – EasyWeb
If you don’t have the time to be thinking about new things to post every month, UCAS have created a staff calendar which shares a picture from an employee each month. This can help take the strain from you having to find new content.

Something we do here at EasyWeb is post about our ‘Employee of the Month’, sharing our staff success and showing candidates that they could be praised for the hard work they do.

5 examples of employers engaging with the days of the week

#39. https://twitter.com/cabana_brasil/status/771634045469941760?lang=en – Cabana

#40. https://twitter.com/LendInvestLife/status/774233697595731968 – LendInvest

#41. https://twitter.com/LifeAtDennis/status/779340473089523712 – Dennis Publishing
Using popular hashtags on Twitter such as ‘#FridayFeeling’ is a fun way of showcasing your company to candidates. It’s important to remember only to post if your values/culture is relaxed/fun.

#42. https://twitter.com/lifeatAdestra/status/779262070667620352 Adestra
Get interactive like Adestra, who have started to post a ‘riddle of the week’. This works well in the office, and with candidates.

#43. https://twitter.com/RA_careers/status/696251890825306112?lang=en-gbRoyal Academy of Arts (RA)
RA join in with a lot of the ‘National Weeks’ on twitter. The example here is from ‘Wellness Week’, advertising a range of activities put on for their employees.

4 examples of short, quick & fun posts

#44. https://twitter.com/lifeatAdestra/status/776342908526010368 – Adestra
Something as simple as an email received can provide material for a quick, simple and authentic post.

#45. https://twitter.com/DennisAdSales/status/765817996883492865Dennis Publishing
Dennis are always posting in-office activities and this is a great example of their staff getting into the spirit of the Olympic Games this year. If candidates like what they see, they’ll apply.

#46. https://twitter.com/cabana_brasil/status/773595537236951042?lang=en Cabana
Linking posts to popular TV shows as Cabana have done with GBBO shows candidates that you have something in common with them – you like what they like. Even better, Cabana have directly linked this with their product. If this is something you can do, we advise you do it.

#47. https://twitter.com/ANCareers/status/634711809962938368Anthony Nolan
We have done this ourselves here at EasyWeb and it works wonders with followers – who doesnt love a cute office dog? It’s fun, it’s simple and it’s a guaranteed winner.

2 examples of Employers sharing bigger posts with more work

#48. https://twitter.com/LifeAtDennis/status/776820531270193153 – Dennis Publishing

#49. https://easywebrec.wistia.com/medias/t64nq35pty – EasyWeb
Dennis took some more time out of their day and created a GIF/Video which showcases their spirit during the holidays. Now although this does take longer to create for social media, it’s a great way of showing your fun side and what staff can get involved in. We posted our own Christmas video to Facebook a few years ago as a way to wish our followers a very Merry Christmas.

As you can see from the many examples above, it is easy to build your Employer Brand online, you just need to make sure that you do it well enough to entice new candidates through your door. Our top tips are to remember to be honest, be natural, use everyday language but most importantly to interpret your company’s values. It won’t work if you are posting things that have nothing to do with your company. If you’re a great place to work then you need to shout about it a bit more. Our last bit of EasyWeb advice is for you just to have fun with what you do and enjoy interacting with candidates online.

If you would like to find out more on how to build your Employer Brand, please see below for our next free training webinar:

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Researched and written by:

Adrian McDonagh, Founder/Chief Ideas Officer & Becky Cellupica, Marketing & Events Executive