From the speaker line up to the technologies being showcased, SUB1000 is all about helping you up your game in the talent department.

Take a look at what's happening throughout each day.

Tuesday (05/10) - candidate attraction & employer branding

Welcome Address

5th October 2021 - Candidate attraction & employer branding
10:00am – 10:05am

hireful CEO, Sean Maher will open the SUB1000 conference.

Sean Maher

CEO, hireful

10 Steps to Start an Employer Brand Project Without Feeling Overwhelmed

5th October 2021 - Candidate attraction & employer branding
10:05am - 10:50am

With talent shortages appearing in more and more sectors, the need for a strong and authentic employer brand is now much more than a “nice to have”. In this session, David will show you: 

  • What to do first, and a logical order of steps to get your project underway.
  • What to do at each stage to ensure your project gets off the ground quickly and easily.
David Thompson

How to attract Career Changers

5th October 2021 - Candidate attraction & employer branding
11:00am - 12:00pm

Holly will be talking about 'How to Attract Career Changers', something that LAPS does in their day-to-day work with athletes and clients. She will discuss:

  • The importance of matching up transferable skill sets that will easily transition into a role / new career.
  • How athletes are able to thrive in new environments due to their coachable, resilient and goal driven mindsets. 
Holly Wood

Partnerships Manager, LAPS: Life After Professional Sport & former premiership rugby player

Dialling up your value-add as a Recruiter in 2022

5th October 2021 - Candidate attraction & employer branding
12:00pm – 1:00pm
  • Want to become invaluable to your business?
  • Want to know what to dial up and down to stay relevant and make an impact?
  • In this session, The FIRM shares key insights from across the TA industry to help you focus on what is important and to hone some of the skills and capabilities for recruiters in 2022.
Rachel Dalboth

Absolutely Fabulous - How the best organisations build their reputation on Glassdoor - Recruiter Roundtable Discussion

5th October 2021 - Candidate attraction & employer branding
1:00pm – 2:00pm

Ever wondered how the best companies get such amazing reviews on Glassdoor? Yes, it’s undoubtedly based on them being pretty awesome places to work, but not all great employers have a Glassdoor page to be proud of. In this interactive discussion, recruiters from some of the best performing Glassdoor pages from SUB1000 organisations will share their tactics and insights.

Hannah Litt, Head of resourcing and inclusion at Motorpoint

Sean Jugessur, Global Talent Acquisition Manager at R3

Katie Holdsworth, Recruitment and onboarding specialist at Protect line

What if you’re not Google. Building an Employer Brand on a budget.

5th October 2021 - Candidate attraction & employer branding
2:00pm – 3:00pm
  • How to attract talent when you don’t have an employer brand, have zero budget and limited resources.
  • What our data shows us on how medium sized organisations recruit.
  • What candidates want from a potential employer.
  • The key advantages a medium sized organisation has over a global brand how to leverage them.
Adrian McDonagh

Co-Founder / Chief helper, hireful

Are you being swerved? How to ensure talent doesn't give you the cold shoulder - Recruiter Roundtable Discussion

5th October 2021 - Candidate attraction & employer branding
3:00pm – 4:00pm

These are challenging times for recruiters. The “resignation tsunami” means there is a good supply of quality candidates. Unfortunately, there is more competition than ever and candidates' expectations have changed (risen). How do you make sure your organisation is able to attract the talent it needs to grow? This will be an interactive discussion, with a panel of experienced recruiters who spend most of their waking day thinking about these things.

Graham Jameson, Recruitment Specialist at The 1:1 Diet

Rachel Morrison, HR Business Partner at Buy It Direct Ltd

David Brammer, Interim Head of Global Talent Acquisition at Mind Gym 

What's in it for you?

If you work in HR or in-house recruitment for an organisation of under 1000 staff, this event is designed for you.

Tap into the knowledge of our experts and hear talks from your peers about how they overcame the same issues you are facing. It's all about working together, sharing our knowledge and us all raising our game to recruit the talent we need to grow.