Our next sub1000 event is 16th and 17th November 2022!
We'll be talking about inclusive recruitment, and attracting talent. View the line up and register here.

want to get involved in a future sub1000 event?

Our events only work thanks to the generosity of people like you. We want to hear from people who have experiences and insights to share. See below for how you can get involved.


Do you have to have had previous experience of speaking at similar events?
No, in fact we love to hear from recruiters who have not spoken at events before. We will provide as much support as you need to ensure your talk is a success.

What type of background do speakers need to have?
We look to hear from experienced recruiters, from organisations hiring less than 1,000 staff per year. We like the focus of these events to be hearing from your peers rather from suppliers to the industry. However, we are always open to a strong relevant talk from the right supplier.

What if I want to be involved but am not able to present a talk? 
With every event we have opportunities for experienced recruiters to get involved in panel discussions. These require much less preparation than a full talk. You just turn up ready to answer discussion style questions and share insights. 

Where do you events take place? 
At the moment, we are virtual but are planning to run a F2F event sometime in the future. 

What type of topics are you interested in speakers for? 
Each sub1000 event has a theme. We try to keep these themes broad to allow a good range of talks. For information on our next events theme, check out our events page.

Can I present with a colleague? 
Absolutely, we have had some speakers invite up to 4 other members of their team to be involved in their talk. 

How long is a speaking slot? 
Each slot is 50 minutes. For a panel discussion this would be a 5 minute intro and 45 minutes of questions/discussion. For a talk, we would typically see our speakers present for 20-30 minutes and then engage in a Q&A. 

What type and how many people attend sub1000?
Our audience is primarily, UK based in-house recruiters and HR professionals from sub1000 organisations. Although, we don’t exclude anyone from attending. Past sub1000 events have seen 500+ registrations with each talk gathering between 50-100 attendees. Recordings of all the talks are shared after the event with each registrant and also made available on our website.