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our October 2021 event.

grand designs: building an awesome onboarding experience (on a budget) – recruiter roundtable discussion.

Our panel discuss how the medium sized organisations can still wow their new-hires by delivering an awesome onboarding experience every time – even on a tight budget.

Raphael Frascogna

Group Head of Talent Acquisition at Content+Cloud

Chris Norcupp-Stone

Head of HR at Phillips & Cohen Associates Ltd.

Lucy Wright

Head of People and Culture at BQI Insurance

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talent management strategies for a virtual world.

Lucinda discusses:

  • Why hybrid working introduces risk to both talent management and engagement
  • Practical ways to ensure talent remain engaged in this environment
  • The role of the line manager
  • Increasing visibility and involvement of remote talent

Lucinda Carney

Founder at Actus

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candidate experience in the spotlight (5 steps to safeguard your brand).

For years, lack of feedback has been a leading complaint from candidates, with the pandemic unfortunately seeing a marked rise in the number of candidates complaining of ignored job applications or, worse, being ‘ghosted’ later in the process. It’s an unacceptable situation, doing untold damage to employer brands as well as candidate mental wellbeing. Stuart looks at 5 practical steps you can take to protect the candidate experience – and safeguard your brand.

Stuart Jones

UK&I Country Manager at The Circle Back Initiative

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lessons learnt from recruiting and onboarding through COVID, how we built a more flexible onboarding process.

Lucy will be recounting the challenges CIPHR faced with recruiting and onboarding during the lockdown. How this forced them to change their processes and the benefits they’ve now realised from going through this.

Lucy O'Callaghan

Talent Manager at CIPHR

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how to prevent onboarding from going wrong.

Simon recounts some of the worst onboarding practices he has come across, whilst also offering a ray of sunshine by offering some practical advice on how to deliver a great onboarding experience, including:

  • What's realistic to ask of a new employee and what’s definitely not
  • Why new employees expect more from their onboarding experience
  • The negative impact a poor onboarding experience can have on your organisation

Simon Connell

General Manager at Webonboarding

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diversity challenge: the questions we need to be asking ourselves to be a more inclusive recruiter – recruiter roundtable discussion.

Our panel discuss the steps we can take to ensure our recruitment processes are inclusive, start to finish, and how this can help us to hire more diverse candidates.

Julia Seymour

Group Talent Acquisition Lead at Sigma Connected Group

Catherine Mayo

Resourcing Manager at Solicitors Regulation Authority

Sarah Nepomuceno

Global People & Culture Lead at Culture Trip

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taking the time for process improvement, the rise of talent ops.

Max discusses:

  • What is Talent Operations and why should you want it
  • Using structure, process and data to drive inclusivity
  • Quick wins when you are time & capacity poor

Max Encke

Talent Operations Manager at Infogrid

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10 steps to start an employer brand project without feeling overwhelmed.

With talent shortages appearing in more and more sectors, the need for a strong and authentic employer brand is now much more than a “nice to have”. In this session, David discusses: 

  • What to do first, and a logical order of steps to get your project underway
  • What to do at each stage to ensure your project gets off the ground quickly and easily 

David Thompson

Founder at Employer Branding Made Easy

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dialling up your value-add as a recruiter in 2022

Want to become invaluable to your business? Want to know what to dial up and down to stay relevant and make an impact?

In this session, The FIRM shares key insights from across the TA industry to help you focus on what is important and to hone some of the skills and capabilities for recruiters in 2022.

Rachel Dalboth

Strategy & Development Director, The FIRM

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absolutely fabulous: how the best organisations build their reputation on Glassdoor – recruiter roundtable discussion.

Ever wondered how the best companies get such amazing reviews on Glassdoor? Yes, it’s undoubtedly based on them being pretty awesome places to work, but not all great employers have a Glassdoor page to be proud of. In this interaction discussion, recruiters from some of the best performing Glassdoor pages from sub1000 organisations share their tactics and insights. 

Katie Holdsworth

Recruitment and On-boarding Specialist at Protect Line

Hannah Litt

Head of Resourcing and Inclusion at Motorpoint

Adrian McDonagh

Co-founder at hireful

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what if you’re not Google? How to build an employer brand on a budget.

  • How to attract talent when you don’t have an employer brand, have zero budget and limited resources
  • What our data shows us on how medium sized organisations recruit
  • What candidates want from a potential employer
  • The key advantages a medium sized organisation has over a global brand how to leverage them

Adrian McDonagh

Co-founder at hireful

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are you being swerved? how to ensure talent doesn't give you the cold shoulder – recruiter roundtable discussion.

These are challenging times for recruiters. The “resignation tsunami” means there is a good supply of quality candidates. Unfortunately, there is more competition than ever and candidates' expectations have changed (risen).

How do you make sure your organisation is able to attract the talent it needs to grow?

This is an interactive discussion, with a panel of experienced recruiters who spend most of their waking day thinking about these things.

Graham Jameson

recruitment specialist at The 1:1 Diet

Rachel Morrisson

Senior Talent at Buy It Direct Ltd.

David Brammer

Talent Acquisition at Mind Gym

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an adaptive approach to hiring in a candidate driven market.

Tony shares his advice and expertise on how best to approach recruitment when you're competing to attract candidates.

Tony Payne

Head of Talent, Oodle Car Finance

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how can video interviewing help you deliver a fairer, more efficient recruitment process?

In this session, Pete and Ben discuss how features like pre-recorded one-way video interviews, and blind reviewing have helped in-house recruiters deliver a fairer recruitment process to candidates, while enabling the identification of the best candidates in a highly efficient manner, without compromising the candidate experience.

Ben Beveridge

Group Recruitment and Talent Manager at Burtons Biscuits

Pete Marshall

Head of Sales at Shine Interview

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everything you need to know about background checking, but were too afraid to ask.

Martin discusses:

  • Deciphering the terminology; What does BPSS, BS7858 and DBS mean and how these checks can drive company revenue and open doors.
  • What employers need to know about criminal record checks
  • Technology that’s transforming screening.

Martin Price

Co-founder at Secure Screening Services

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designing for diversity – how to build an inclusive recruitment process.

Adrian discusses:

  • Practical tips for attracting a more diverse set of applicants
  • Who gets to interview with your organisation? Building a fair process that gives everyone the chance to shine
  • De-biasing your interview process
  • How a "candidate charter" helps keep your organisation honest

Adrian McDonagh

Co-founder at hireful

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