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MARCH 2022

our March 2022 event.

Glassdoor: irritation or revelation? — recruiter roundtable discussion.

Our panel discuss the issues, and advantages of using Glassdoor. They shed light on how their own organisation's use Glassdoor to build a strong employer brand.

Richard Roberts

Employee engagement and HR consultant at enRich HR

Sam Lee

Senior People Professional

Caroline Gammon

HCM Market Specialist at IRIS Software Group

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how authentic recruitment experiences translate to great employee experiences.

Join AMICULUM's careers team as they tell the story of they supported the organisation's growth journey in a fiercely competitive and talent short market and learn about:

• How delivering a great candidate experience differentiates SMEs from big corporate competitors in talent short markets

• How leveraging company values in the recruitment process enhances the experience, retention and advocacy of candidates and employees

Tom Davies

Talent strategy at AMICULUM

Steven Moorehead

Careers Specialist at AMICULUM

Lewis Burne

Careers Specialist at AMICULUM

Emily Germon

Careers and academic outreach specialist at AMICULUM
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how to engage in-demand candidates in the most competitive recruitment environment ever — recruiter roundtable discussion.

Everyone wants the best candidates... so you've got to do something to make your organisation stand out from the rest! 🤔 Our panel of recruiters discuss how to do this...

Margaret Buj

Senior Talent Partner at Mixmax

Robert Hicks

Group HR Director at Reward Gateway

Mark Watson

Talent Acquisition Manager at CarShop

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candidate experience in 2022: what needs to change? — recruiter roundtable discussion

Candidate experience really is everything, but how does your candidate experience need to change to respect the needs of candidates in 2022?🤔

The panel discuss many of the big factors that have impacted recruitment over the past 2 years, including:

• A dramatic rise in the adoption of technology, especially video meetings

• Many more candidates looking to change roles/careers

• The rise of more flexible working including many more hybrid and remote roles

Lauren Sears

Recruitment Manager at AccessPay

Helen Murdoch

Internal Recruiter at MPB

Max Encke

Talent Operations Manager at Infogrid

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delivering a first class candidate experience using data and insight.

Raph's talk was based around delivering a first class candidate experience using data and insight, covering the following;

• Understanding your drivers

• Deciding your measures

• Building trust within your business

• Perpetual evolution and scaling

Raphael Frascogna

Group Head of Talent Acquisition at Content+Cloud

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how to build a fair selection & interview process – recruiter roundtable discussion.

Our panel discuss how we can build diversity and inclusion into our recruitment processes, ensuring that all candidates can access and apply to vacancies.

Heather Paterson

Recruitment Advisor at Hymans Robertson

Hannah Litt

Head of Resourcing and Inclusion at Motorpoint

Catherine Mayo

Resourcing Manager at Solicitors Regulation Authority

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predicting the future: how will candidate experience change in the coming years?

Over the past 2 years, we've had to adjust to some huge changes both generally and in the world of recruitment... but what's next?🤔 Bill Boorman, founder of TruMunity recruitment events, and part-time stand up comedian joined us for a Q&A style chat, answering:

• How will candidate expectations change? Will candidates be more comfortable with the likes of Chatbots, automation and AI in the future?

• How will the role of a recruiter need to change in the future?

• Will the stress/anxiety that we all experienced or witnessed in the last 2 years, change how we engage with candidates to be more caring and considerate?

Bill Boorman

Founder at TruMunity

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flexible working, huh... what is it good for? absolutely everything!

Flexible working... what's it good for?🤔 Cheney Hamilton, flexible working expert covered:

• Who is seeking flexibility?

• What type of flexibility are they looking for?

• What can businesses do to attract these candidates?

• What could the future look like? What should you be considering

• Impact of Automation, how will you business offer stability and security over the next 10 years

Cheney Hamilton

Founder & CEO of FindYourFlex

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candidate experience in a pandemic.

Candidate experience really is everything... but how do you ensure your candidates still have a great experience during a pandemic? Vikki  joined our sub1000 conference to tell the story of how Policy Expert's candidate experience had to change and adapt throughout 2021 as their customer base grew massively, as well as their number of employees.

Vikki Shannon

Recruitment Manager at Policy Expert

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