Our next sub1000 event is 16th and 17th November 2022!
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our November 2022 event.

setting up your hiring strategy for diversity.

Tony Payne had one of the highest rated talks at sub1000 #2 so we’ve convinced him to come back and share some more knowledge. Drawing upon his recent experience building a hiring strategy focused on diversity at Oodle Car Finance, he will show you:

• The 6 Steps to diverse hiring

• Aligning budget and resources for success

• Winning over stakeholders

Tony Payne

Head of Talent for Startups & Scale-ups

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how to challenge your organisation to recruit more inclusively.

It’s not easy to gather support for new projects. There is likely a wide range of views in your organisation as to how you should be tackling issues around DE&I.

This discussion will focus on how to build a consensus of support around the key recruitment DE&I objectives.

Our panel have direct experience of working for and with organisations who have faced and overcome these issues.

Hend Halim

Global Employee Experience Manager, Nash Squared

Raphael Frascogna

Group Head of Talent Acquisition, Content+Cloud

Baljit Kaur

Diversity & Inclusion specialist, Innate Consultancy

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an introduction to recruiting autistic employees.

Clare has vast experience of developing training programmes for a wide variety of underrepresented groups. This has led to her current role where she helps organisations to get ready to hire autistic candidates.

Her talk will focus on:
- An overview of autism.
- An explanation of their award winning work and their Employ Autism programme.
- The steps your organisation can take to be a good employer for autistic talent.

Clare Caccavone

Programme Director, Ambitious About Autism

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solving the attraction challenge: how to attract a more diverse applicant pool.

Almost every organisation struggles to attract a truly diverse set of applicants. Are your vacancies and employer brand featuring in the right channels? Do jobseekers from minority groups see your vacancies but just choose not to apply? Do you need to do more to get out into your local community?

Our panel have spent a large part of their recent career answering these questions and will be sharing their insights as to the practical steps you need to be taking.  

Syndey Samuels

Founder and CEO, Loop not luck

Hannah Litt

Head of Equity, Diversity Inclusion, Antiracism and Resourcing at Mindweaver

Baljit Kaur

Diversity & Inclusion specialist, Innate Consultancy

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inclusive hiring at Suma – how objectivity can transform your hiring process.

Suma is a wholefood collective founded in 1977 by a liberally minded group of people who believed there was a better way. They recently asked The Unmistakeables (an ED&I consultancy) to conduct a full audit of their business. This talk will focus on this very audit.

Rebecca Kinnard

People Development Co-Ordinator, Suma Wholefoods

Selina Kotecha

Inclusive Cultures Consultant, The Unmistakeables

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how recruitment data can help you make better decisions and where to start with recruitment analytics.

Lara is a self-confessed HR data geek. She loves nothing better than helping businesses to make better decisions through data. Her talk will focus on:

• What questions can we answer through data?
• How do we build our recruitment processes with end data in mind?
• How do we present our data effectively at the end?

Lara Kenny

Internal Recruiter, Homeflow

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creating your employee value proposition.

Louise’s career has seen her working in recruitment focused roles for the likes of Google, McKeeson and Belkin. Earlier this year, after several years and several late night discussions, with her best friend and experienced recruiter, Lucy Wright, they decided to form their own recruitment services company, Four Talent.

Their work sees them working with lots of SMEs helping them to take their recruitment to the next level. A key piece of this puzzle is helping organisations to define their EVP (employee value proposition). It is this challenge that Louise will be talking on, helping you to understand:

  • What is an EVP and why do we need one?
  • The EVP and Employer Brand – how do they fit together?
  • What are the key principles to consider when developing your EVP
  • The 7 steps to build and land your EVP effectively

Louise Keightley

Director, Four Talent

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beyond the basic salary: how to attract talent without just throwing money at them.

Rising inflation and the cost of living crisis has made salary front of mind for employees. But what do you do if you are limited in your salary flexibility. What can your organisation be doing beyond salary to both attract and retain the talent you need to grow?

Our panel, has recruited in some of the most challenging sectors competing for the most in-demand talent. They will be sharing their experiences and offering their opinions to help ensure you are well positioned to attract the talent you need to grow.

Oscar Machado

Head of Talent Acquisition, LoveHolidays

Tiffany Smith

Head of Talent Acquisition, Gardiner Bros

Lauren Sears

Talent Acquisition, Wushu

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the 7 habits of a highly effective recruiter.

Adrian will be calling upon his 13 years experience of training recruiters, to challenge you to adopt some new powerful habits.

This talk will include:

  • Forget the shiny new thing and how to focus in on your number 1 attraction channel
  • How to get comfortable with being an employer who does not follow the herd
  • Why you need to embrace failure
  • How to unlock your data and use it to gain support for changing recruitment

You will not agree with all 7 ideas. Our hope is 1 or 2 of them will turn on a lightbulb in your brain and provide you some inspiration to make some changes in how you recruit.

Adrian McDonagh

Co-Founder/ Chief Helper at hireful

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how a good employer story helps you attract top talent – recruiter roundtable discussion.

Talented people are well looked after by their current employer. They know their skills are in demand and they are only going to move for the right opportunity. They likely see or hear about your vacancies so why are they not applying? Perhaps, it’s because you’re not telling an engaging and authentic employer story?

Our panel, have both helped and worked for SMEs helping them to define their employer story and then effectively communicate it.

Chris Bett

People Manager, Ramsac

Sam Lee

Owner / HR Consultant, McGin-Lee HR

Ben Beveridge

Head of Recruitment Success, hireful

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